Disinfect TEE Probes with GUS® Vapor Control Systems

Model G14TC-3

The RIGHT way to disinfect your TEE probes:

The G14TC-3 comes with three tubes. Two tubes allow you to soak two TEE probes simultaneously in the high-level disinfectant. The third tube is for the initial water rinse which should be done at the system to protect you from off-gassing and drips. The special curved tubes on the TC model make it easy to insert and remove your long probes. The safety cage protects against damage to the tubes and probes.

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The AC-TCRK is a complete system for safely storing your TEE probes after disinfection. It is made up of three components: a 48" slotted, removable tube which protects your probe in transit, a curved strain relief to protect the delicate cord, and a padded electrical connector holder.

Optional Accessories:
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Glute Out Neutralizer Glute Out® Neutralizer
Glute Out® is a glycine-based powder neutralizer that deactivates Glutaraldehyde & OPA.

AC-Test AC-Test
Use your Dale/Fluke leak tester with our G14TC-3 work station.
Spill Kits Spill Kits
Spilled Glutaraldehyde or OPA is dangerous. Meet OSHA & TJC guidelines. Also available for peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Filter Replacement Plan Filter Replacement Plan
Change your filter regularly. Save 25% with the All-At- Once (AAO) Filter Replacement Plan.