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Probe Storage Systems

The Right Way to store your Ultrasound Probes

Stay Compliant and Store Your Probes Safely!

Probe Storage Systems are available for endovaginal/endorectal and general purpose probes, and for TEE probes. Storage Systems have specialty shelves that uniquely store probes upright and away from their cables, reducing recontamination risk. Storage Systems also have a true HEPA filter, low noise fan that provides continuous air flow, locking doors for added security, and a filter change indicator light. Storage Systems are easy to clean, and can be installed in patient rooms. Storage Systems are made in the USA.

Storage System - VR

Probe storage cabinet holds up to six Endovaginal, Endorectal and General Purpose ultrasound probes.

Storage System - TEE

Probe storage cabinet holds up to three Transesophageal (TEE/TOE) ultrasound probes.

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