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Transesophageal Probe Reprocessor

Disinfection Made Easy

  • Uses OPA NOT Glutaraldehyde
  • Disinfect one or two probes at a time
  • Rapid disinfection and rinse
  • Low operating costs

Compliance Made Easy

  • Barcode reader eliminates manual entry
  • Automated disinfection log
  • Automated tracking of consumables
  • Helps to meet Joint Commission standards


Eliminate Human Error with Automated Disinfection Logging Clear Display | Step-by-Step Prompts | No Sleep Mode | Ready to Disinfect When You Are

Up to 250 Cycles Per Bottle
Over 4,000+ Cycles Stored in Data
Total Disinfection Time in Minutes
Up to 2 Probes Disinfected at Once


ASTRA is the only automated disinfection system with a bar code reader. Without a barcode reader, you cannot capture the above data automatically

Bar Code Reader Captures:
  • Probe ID
  • Operator ID
  • Exam ID
  • Disinfection Type
  • Consumables


ASTRA® stores all data from the last 4,000+ cycles.
The data can be downloaded as needed via a USB port, typically once every two weeks.

Logged Data

A complete automated disinfection log eliminates human error

Log Data Includes:
  • Probe ID
  • Operator ID
  • Exam ID
  • Disinfection Type
  • Consumables
  • MRC results
  • Temperature
  • Cycle Outcome
  • Date and time
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