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Press Release CIVCO Acquires PCI


CIVCO Expands Product Offering to Include Family of Devices for Storage, High-Level Disinfection and Reprocessing of Ultrasound Transducers

Coralville, IA – CIVCO Medical Solutions, a leading manufacturer of ultrasound guidance devices and infection control products, announced today that it has acquired PCI Medical, a market leader in high-level disinfection products for ultrasound transducers. The acquisition equips CIVCO with a portfolio of hardware and consumables to meet the growing need for cost effective infection control compliance in the ultrasound transducer reprocessing market.

PCI Medical, established 20 years ago in Deep River, CT, has held a leading position in the infection control market for transducer high-level disinfection and storage devices designed to help meet Joint Commission and FDA guidelines.

The PCI product line complements the CIVCO offering of ultrasound infection control transducer covers, needle guidance systems and interventional procedure kits. CIVCO’s Multi-Modality Imaging (MMI) business unit has been a distributor of PCI storage racks and soaking systems in the US for more than 10 years.

The addition of the new ASTRA family of devices, which received 510(K) clearance in November of 2015, extends CIVCO’s reach into cardiology and men’s and women’s health segments. The ASTRA TEE, designed for automatic high-level disinfection of transesophageal ultrasound probes, and the ASTRA VR, designed for automated high-level disinfection of transvaginal and transrectal probes, enable clinicians to develop a standardized workflow, save time, and automate the record keeping process. These devices help facilities follow guidelines established by the Joint Commission and FDA for transducer reprocessing and storage.

“We are excited to expand our portfolio to include the ASTRA and GUS product lines for infection control management,” said Charles Klasson, President of CIVCO. “This offering fits well with our current call points in radiology, men’s and women’s health and infection control departments, and will help CIVCO to expand our presence in the USA.”

More information on CIVCO and PCI

CIVCO Medical Solutions has over 30 years of experience offering cutting-edge medical technology to a diverse group of medical professionals. The Multi-Modality Imaging (MMI) unit designs and manufactures accessories for use in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and interventional procedures with a strong focus on ultrasound. MMI’s products range from infection control products including a wide range of ultrasound and CT covers to device guidance, positioning and electromagnetic needle tracking systems. www.civco.com

For 20 years PCI Medical has been focused on providing the best support and tools for safe, effective high-level disinfection of heat-sensitive medical devices. PCI’s proven portfolio includes a full complement of cost effective products to meet our customer needs no matter what the disinfection volumes and budgets are. PCI offers state of the art automated systems for endocavity ultrasound probes, as well as manual disinfection systems for probes and scopes. www.pcimedical.com

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