Experts in High-Level Disinfection

For 20 years, PCI Medical has developed and manufactured high-level disinfection soak stations and offered education to help facilities stay compliant with Joint Commission and OSHA regulations.

PCI is the proven leader in high-level disinfection, offering the most cost-effective solutions for protecting patients and staff, preventing damage to ultrasound probes and scopes, and simplifying the disinfection process.

GUS Disinfection Soak Stations™

GUS Disinfection Soak Stations are a cost-effective alternative to automated systems. GUSĀ® lets you work safely with Hydrogen Peroxide, OPA, Glutaraldehyde, and Peracetic Acid to high-level disinfect ultrasound probes and scopes.

GUS protects patients and staff, prevents damage to instruments and helps facilities stay compliant with Joint Commission and OSHA regulations.

GUS Storage Systems

GUS Storage Systems protect your disinfected probes from re-contamination and damage. GUS Storage Systems have specialty shelves, a true HEPA filter and low noise fan that provides continuous air flow.

GUS Storage Systems help you stay compliant with Joint Commission and probe manufacturer recommendations for probe storage.

Compliance Accessories

PCI Medical offers many accessories related to the high-level disinfection process, including spill kits, Glute OutĀ® neutralizer, thermometers, and the Endo-Flush EFP-500 automated endoscope flushing machine.

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