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At CIVCO Medical Solutions, formerly PCI Medical, we are focused on providing the best support and tools for safe, effective high-level disinfection of heat-sensitive medical devices. We provide a full complement of cost effective products to meet our customer needs no matter what your disinfection volumes and budgets are. We offer state of the art automated systems for endocavity ultrasound probes, as well as manual disinfection systems for probes and scopes.

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Automated High-Level Disinfection of Endovaginal, Endorectal and TEE Ultrasound Probes.

GUS Disinfection Soak Stations protect your staff and patients from toxic fumes, while helping you to meet TJC and OSHA standards.

The right way to store and protect your ultrasound probes.

Our Compliance Accessories will help you meet Joint Commission and OSHA standards.